Thursday, June 17, 2010

8snaps -Introducing the worlds simplest parental control software

Welcome to the 8Snaps blog. Firstly let me introduce 8snaps.

8snaps was an idea born when a number of parents came together after viewing an episode of Dateline NBCs "To Catch A Predator" with Chris Hansen and decided that enough is enough.

Raising children has to be one of the most fulfilling parts of life. Protecting your children from the dangers in the environment around them is an important duty of the parent, however, with the emergence of new technologies many parents, even technically savvy ones, are not aware of the dangers in this new 'technological environment' and subsequently helpless when it comes to fulfilling their duty of online protection for their child.

Whats more, most parents are not aware that their child's online life effects and can come into contact with their real 'offline' life.

8snaps mission is to create a safe environment for children to grow so that the future is a brighter place for everyone. We will achieve this by raising the awareness to all parents and by offering the tools and services for parents to feel comfortable that they are meeting their duty.

We believe the first steps that need to be taken are:
1. Increase Awareness
2. Gain Visibility into childs online life

We aim to achieve these first two steps by launching our website and offering a number of resources and tools. First off will be the 8snaps visibility service which is an easy-to-use service allowing parents to view screen pictures of their childs computer and know exactly what they are looking at and who they are talking to. This allows parents to become aware of any issues early and hopefully deal with them before they escalate to dangerous levels.

By creating an account on, you as a parent, will be able to keep tabs on your childs online activities. Also we encourage you to spread the word to all your friends. This way, together we can make the important first two steps of Increasing Awareness and Gaining Visibility.

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