Monday, January 31, 2011

Kids consult on campaign to Cure The Bullies.

Australian school children were recently involved in creating a web-based campaign aimed at identifying bystander behaviours that enable online bullying.

“Cure the bullies” was created in partnership with SchoolAid (a national Australian schools-based philanthropy network that empowers kids to help kids in crisis) and the Vodafone Foundation.

CureBulliesVisitors to the Cure The Bullies site are invited to take a test to “diagnose” their bullying behaviour, and then view their bottled creature in a public gallery. (Identifying names of kids or schools are not used on the creatures labels.)

According to the site, “the Bullies are nasty, highly contagious viruses that lurk in cyberspace, infecting young cyber citizens with unacceptable online behaviours”.

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